Uncertainty with Just One Year Until Brexit Occurs

In one year, Great Britain will officially exit the European Union. Yet, for many British retailers, questions remain.

For example, as Silvia Amaro reports for CNBC:

“In 365 days, the U.K. will no longer be a member of the European Union. But U.K. businesses are still unaware of how much they will have to change to continue trading with the rest of Europe — making it harder to plan for the future. Paul Clarke, chief technology officer at the online food retailer Ocado, told CNBC that he is concerned about future funding. The £3.59 billion ($ 5.09 billion) company has benefited from European money in the form of business funding to develop its operations.  ‘How will the UK government replace that?,’ he wondered during a phone call with CNBC.”

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Uncertainty with Just One Year Until Brexit Occurs

Loop Images | UIG | Getty Images. Looking down on the New Oxford Circus crossing at sunset.


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