It’s Time for Small Business Web Sites to Step Up

There’s been a lot of discussion about how leading traditional retailers are stepping up their online efforts and investing more in there sites. But, what about small businesses? They need to step up their online efforts also.

According Australia-based WebAlive:

“It is crucial for every business to have a Web site. However, small local business owners may have limited knowledge when it comes to Web design best practices. Usually, hiring a Web design company or a freelancer is a good move. But these providers aren’t in the know when it comes to your products and may not know what it takes to sell. That’s why building a Web site is a collaborative process.”

“As an owner of a local business, you should have some basic idea of what you need to have on your site and what to avoid. To make things easy for you, we have created an infographic that shows 53 must-have features for a local business website. Consider this a checklist or a guideline for you and your developer – you’ll thank us later!”



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