Retailing Can Involve B2B Marketing, Too

When we think about the concept of “retailing,” we tend to focus on the company transactions that involve final consumers — those buying buying for personal or household use. We often do not consider how many retailers also engage in B2B (business-to-business) marketing and sell to business customers. Popular examples of retailers applying this form of multi-segment target marketing are Costco and Staples. 
Consider this UK-based illustration, as reported by B2B Marketing:
“DIY store Wickes has partnered with employee and customer engagement solutions provider, Grass Roots, with the aim of developing its presence in the B2B market. As part of the partnership, Grass Roots’ ‘Bonusbond’ gift cards and prepaid ‘Pure Card’ will now be accepted at Wickes stores across the UK. This will make it possible for cardholders to earn cashback every time they shop. The ‘Pure Card’ is also supported with an app and allows users to access their account details via their smartphones. Wickes plans to introduce and accept more prepaid cards of different suppliers in the coming months to strengthen the brand in the industry.”


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