Should Internet Retailers Discriminate Between Customers?

That’s an interesting question raised by Rafi Mohammed, writing for the Harvard Business Review (HBR) blog. To begin his post, Mohammed writes: “Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported a bit of pricing news that seemed downright shocking: After the travel Web site, Orbitz recognized that people who access its site using Macs spent as much as 30 percent more on hotels than PC users, it began to take advantage of the insight, rigging its search engine to routinely show Mac users a ritzier selection of hotels than customers using a PC. To be clear, all Orbitz users can see the same hotels if they opt to view hotels by price, and Orbitz does not charge different prices for the same room based on what kind of computer you use. Still, as pricing strategies go, this one is an attention grabber.”
What do you think about this practice?
Click the icon for the full HBR blog post by Mohammed. 

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