Publicis in Paris: Not Your Typical Drugstore

As Rupal Parekh reports in Advertising Age, the Publicis Drugstore in Paris truly a one-of-a-kind retailer, and unlike any other drugstore any of us have ever visited.
This is how Parekh describes the Publicis Drugstore: “There are few places in the world where one can purchase a jar of marshmallow fluff, a box of Disney-branded pasta, a package of gourmet gold-flecked Pierre Herme macaroons, and a tin of Petrossian caviar at the same time. But it exists, and the same store carries condiments from around the world like Marmite and Louisiana hot sauce. Walk deeper inside, and you’ll come across glass cases holding classic men’s pocket accessories like Swiss Army Knives and DuPont lighters adjacent to modern ones like Beats by Dre earbuds. The store also has a cigar room and a large selection of wine and booze, literally: It sells magnums of vodka. In the women’s section, the newest Marc Jacobs bags and Chloé wallets beckon and delicate jewelry twinkles, like a $1,750 ring dotted with tiny diamonds. There are plenty of top-of-the-line choices for baby, too, like Burberry bibs and Dior baby bottles. Some cost-conscious items are dotted throughout, like a large collection of Kiehl’s skin products, Moleskine notebooks and Pantone mugs in every color of the rainbow.”
The Publicis Drugstore employs 180 people and is open from 8 A.M. to  2 P.M. every day of the year.
Click the photo for the full Ad Age story.

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