MCM Podcast on Seasonal Hiring

Both store-based and online retailers recognize the importance of seasonal employees. Have too few and customers might not be properly serviced. Have too many and operating costs might be too high. Thus, what is the proper balance? Let’s turn to Vermont Teddy Bear for some insights.


An MCM Podcast on Seasonal Hiring at Vermont Teddy Bear

As Mike O’Brien reports for Multichannel Merchant (MCM):

“With unemployment low, keeping distribution centers and fulfillment centers staffed up is more of a challenge than ever. Thus, E-commerce companies are scrambling to fill positions. And the big gear-up for peak season hiring will be here before you know it. Aside from automation, what can you do to ensure a sufficient workforce in various demand scenarios as wage pressure increases?”

“In our latest MCM CommerceChat podcast, Katie Langrock, vice-president of operations for Vermont Teddy Bear, talks about her company’s approach to recruitment, hiring, and retention in a highly seasonal business that’s tucked away in northwest Vermont. Katie shares about the competitive pressures she faces in her labor market, about providing incentives and perks, balancing peak season and permanent staffing, creating a fun work environment, and a host of other issues affecting workforce and labor management for her company.”

Click the play button to listen to the podcast.



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