The JDA/PWC Retail 2017 CEO Survey

Each year, the JDA and PWC Retail CEO survey looks at the state of the retail sector.
For the 2017 survey
“[They] found that digital transformation is the highest investment priority, with customer experience being the main driver. Surprisingly more than half, 52% of retailers, have not started implementing a digital transformation strategy. And 78% of CEOs do not plan to reduce store investment, regardless of online growth. Download to learn more trends shaping the retail industry around store investments, growing complexity in fulfilling customer orders, uses of customer data, and more.”
“The retail landscape is on the verge of experiencing a major paradigm shift. The needs of the modern shopper, advancing technology, and increased competition are compelling retail CEOs to reevaluate where they choose to invest their capital. IoT, Big Data, Robotics, and augmented reality are some of the ways CEOs are choosing to invest their capital in the coming year. 69% of executives say they plan to increase their investment in digital transformation over the next year. Surprisingly, more than half of respondents – 52 percent – have not defined or started implementing a digital transformation strategy.”


Click the image to view an extended executive summary of the 2017 full report.


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