Careers at Sephora

Sephora is a global powerhouse in cosmetics and other beauty care products. It has 2,300 stores in 33 countries around the globe. worldwide, with more than 430 stores in the Americas.
The retailer offers a number of career opportunities:
“At Sephora, we’re obsessed with teaching and inspiring our clients to play in our world of beauty. We’ve earned our reputation with our expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. But our true secret to success is a dedication to unlocking our client’s beauty potential and inspiring fearlessness, whatever it means to her. We draw on our core values — Innovation, Respect, Teamwork, Initiative, Expertise, Passion, Balance — to provide meaningful careers to more than 11,000 employees in North America and 30,000 worldwide. Whether you’re passionate about product, people, numbers, words, code, or strategy, we have a place for you.”


Take a look at these two career videos from Sephora.



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