Be Safe: Better Manage Your Online Passwords

Get and use a password manager to be much more safe online!!!

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As we should all be aware, identity theft and intrusive viruses are getting worse. So, what should we do  about this to better protect ourselves?

Geoffrey A. Fowler, a Wall Street Journal expert on personal technology,  offers some good advice (click the link to read his full article) — especially about using a password manager. Here are some observations from Fowler. It’s up to you how to respond to them. A lot of these password protectors have FREE versions:

“There’s a war raging between hackers and companies, and you’re caught in the crossfire. Every time a company gets hacked, you have to change your password. And don’t you dare reuse it somewhere else. Dreaming up a different password for every site and service is the only way to keep your stuff safe online, but it’s also a gigantic nuisance. There’s one thing you can — and should — do to…

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