A List Your CEO Does NOT Want to Be On!!

Glassdoor regularly rates the performance of company CEOs on the basis of employee feedback.
Recently, 24/7 Wall Street reviewed the data at Glassdoor’s Web site and came up with a list of the worst 9 CEOs. As reported by :
“A good manager understands the contribution of his or her employees. In return, managers often receive the respect of their workers. And indeed, more than two-thirds of American employees approve — even like — their companies’ chief executive officers. Some CEOs, however, are not popular with employees. At nine major companies, 40% or fewer employees gave their CEOs a positive review.”
Here’s the 2014 list of the FIVE retailers with CEOs rated among the worst 9 as determined by 24/7 Wall Street:
1. Sears Holdings (Sears/Kmart) Edward S. Lampert
2. Dillard’s — Bill Dillard II
3. Forever 21 Do Won Chang
6. Abercrombie & Fitch — Mike Jeffries
9. GameStop —  J. Paul Raines
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2 Responses to A List Your CEO Does NOT Want to Be On!!

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  2. Zlatko Dz. says:

    Retail is hard and tough business – there is no room for demagogy…
    Unfortunately, retail is also underestimated, comparing to other services and industry.

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