Are You Innovative Enough with Your Resume?

For anyone currently in the job market, it is important to recognize and adapt to new trends in resume design. Be innovative! 🙂 Yet, also recognize that the traditional resume format is still important!!
Jessica Holbrook Hernandez, writing for Careerealism, offers several tips with regard to emerging resume trends. Here are FIVE of them:
  1. Social media resume — “There are plenty of sites you can use to do this. Here are two:,, and the list goes on.”
  2. Infographic resume — “In the right context and the right industry, this type of resume is very successful.”
  3. Facebook timeline resume — “This could help add to your professional brand, direct what hiring managers see about you, and also position you as a subject matter expert.”
  4. Video resume — “Multiple sites offer you the ability to upload a video resume —,,, — or include it on your blog or Web site.”
  5. Wordle — “This is a neat word cloud creator, and you can use it to find the most common words contained within some specific text. You can use Wordle to check job ads and see the keywords that pop up most often.”
For more tips from Holbrook Hernandez, click the image.



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