Retail Job Trends from LinkedIn

Recently, LinkedIn cited a lot of new information about retail jobsClick the image to read the full discussion. Below the image are three highlights of the LinkedIn report.

Retail Job Trends from LinkedIn

  • “Of all retail associates who took on a new job title in the last five years (whether in retail or another industry), the most common next job was administrative employee followed by customer service specialist. The third most common move wasn’t to a job at all—it was back to school as a student. Food service represented the third-most common job of retail associates leaving the position.”

  • “When you think ‘software developer,’ you don’t usually think retail—but that may soon change. Sure, salesperson is still the #1 job, but the increase in software developers is a shocking shift in just four years.”

  • “While the number of retail associates has fallen dramatically over the past few years, sales is still the biggest function in retail (and it’s not even close).”


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