Tis the Season to Be Inspired and Hopeful — and Live Life Every Day

Be ready to face any of life’s adversities.

Evans on Marketing


Since beginning more than four years ago, Evans on Marketing has always presented posts in a professional and informative way on a wide range of business topics. Before this post, we (Joel Evans) have never written about ourselves on a personal level. As we usher in the New Year, this is a special post.

Today only, I am breaking break with our practice to cover a topic of extreme personal and societal importance. In this blog, I am going public on a private matter (being a cancer survivor) with the intent of helping others to deal with the ramifications of this insidious disease. The post is to dedicated to my family, my friends, and my wonderful group of doctors Thank you!

To quote the great Yankee baseball player, when he was honored at Yankee Stadium shortly before his death from ALS:…

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